Ethereum Geocaching!

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Available on

Bronze Coin
0.007 ETH

Silver Coin
0.013 ETH

Gold Coin
0.025 ETH

Rose Gold Coin
0.0375 ETH

Platinum Coin
0.05 ETH

Diamond Coin
0.07 ETH

Centurion Coin
0.1 ETH

0 - 499

500 - 999

1000 - 2999

Rose Gold
3000 - 4999

5000 - 7499

7500 - 9999


Frog Coin
The coin moves between different locations within an area in time intervals. Catch it to play!

Multi Coin
Can be won multiple times. After winning you will need to wait a short period of time before attempting again.

Super Coin
Are always of high value and regenerate in the same location at a random time every week. Play them when you find them.

Time Attack Coin
Can be initiated within 1000m range. Reach the coin within the time limit to play.

Golden Ticket
Contains a discount voucher code to be used at our Vendors.

Vendors who accept Crypto-Currency.

Mystery Coin
Keep an eye out for a mystery icon containing a mystery reward.


map view

Browse the map for Geo Coins near your location. Play for coins or deals within your experience level.

Geo Gems

Geo Gems are rewarded for In App activity or for successfully getting friends to sign up. They can be used for jumping to next level, unlocking coins or removing any limits.


The Dashboard displays statistics, progress and achievements. You can see more information on what level you are on and access the Geo Gems View.


View all your receipts of Coins won and Geo Gems rewarded. Check the live status of coin payout. Each transaction has a unique reference number.

Seamlessly receive ETH rewards

After successful game play at a geolocation, well add a receipt to your in-app receipt list. We will also email you with the transaction reference from so you can track your rewarded ETH.

The more you play THE BIGGER THE PRIZE!

Track your experience points to know which level of deals you can play for. Unlock higher value ETH deals by increasing your points. To gain points you must: win games, lose games, and walk in-app.

Planning to go on a trip

There are thousands of digital rewards on the map waiting to be won. Don't forget to check the map when you're on holiday and treat yourself to a local delicacy!

App Explorer

App Explorer helps you navigate through the different options in the app. You can check your daily limits, transaction history, Geo-gems balance easily.

Meet our Team

Passionate Coders. Innovative Designers. Genius Data Scientists. Blockchain Veterans.



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Geo Gems

Geogems (GG) is an Ethereum ERC20 token designed to facilitate in-app boosts and purchases on the MyWealthMap (MWM) App. GG tokens can be used by MWM users to unlock levels and boost their in-app experience.


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